The Hourglass Market

Tamale Co.

Tamale Co. Is original and traditional, unlike any other. We are passionate about the idea of TAMALE, a Mexican dish that can be tracked back to the pre-hispanic times. Made of masa filled with anything from meats to fruits and vegetables, wrapped in cornhusks and combined with delicious Mexican sauces. Making it a very traditional way to create a unique assemblage of different flavors. Tamale Co. offers the best Gourmet Mexican tamales, each hand-crafted to an artistic perfection and prepared with the freshest ingredients Florida’s local farmers have to offer. Our rich passion for the art of quality and authentic cuisine is sure to unwrap the original taste.

Foxtail Coffee Co.

Foxtail Coffee Co. is dedicated to responsibly sourcing some of the finest coffees from around the world. The company upholds its ethical and quality standards by making sure these environmentally-friendly farms are paid fair wages, so they may continue to grow exceptional crops. Foxtail Coffee Co. provides a welcoming atmosphere that shifts the way we think of coffee-one cup at a time.

Market 2401

Market 2401 offers a large selection of craft beers and wine to the patrons of the market. Here you will also find noshes perfectly paired to your drink of choice: cheese, flatbreads, crafted sandwiches, to name a few.